Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: Yogurt

Stick it where the sun don't shine!

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor Brighid. Last time, Brighid battled the libidinal demands of the second trimester. In this installment she discovers some unexpected hurdles for getting her freak on with husband MVP. (Hint: it’s not the big belly…) Well, I promised you pregnancy lingerie, but it’s […]

Here Comes The Bun (duh-nuh-nuh-nuh)


There comes a point in pregnancy where you are completely sure that every twinge and ache is it, and if it isn’t, it damn well should be, because get the hell out and give me my body back, already! Having been down this road (twice) before, I like to think I’ve got a handle on things […]

But He’s Not Usually Like This…

I am a forum junkie. I am a member of more forums than I can remember to post on, and I go through phases where I will spend lots of time posting on a couple of boards all the time, then move on and forget about them for months or, sometimes, years.  In my current […]

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: When Sperm Met Egg


Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor Brighid. Read previous installments here. Trigger warning: This piece deals with miscarriage.  My partner and I were incredibly lucky in our attempts to get pregnant. Charting really helped us pinpoint the key times for baby making sex and we […]

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: TTC Sex 101 (What you didn’t learn in biology class)


Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a bi-weekly Friday series from MsBehaved contributor Brighid about the joys of sex before, during, and after pregnancy!  When we first started trying to conceive (“TTC”) I was excited and a bit nervous. On the one hand, it meant lots of sex with no excuses. On the other hand, […]

So You Think You Want To Reproduce


There comes a time in some women’s lives when that old biological clock starts ticking. I totally get it. Babies are freaking cute, and the process of getting yourself knocked up is fun, assuming you’re doing it correctly. Pregnancy isn’t all foot rubs and ice cream and pickle sundaes, though. As a Certified Breedertm, I […]


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