How I Learned to Stop Worrying About TSS and Love the Cup


We’re friends now, aren’t we, imaginary reader?  I mean, we can talk openly with each other about the kind of things that you wouldn’t discuss with casual acquaintances, right? Well, really, by “you” I mean YOU because I will tell anybody, anything, anytime.  Which is why I’m about to let you in on some really intimate details of my […]

Labeling our Ladyparts: To V or not to V?


I was reading this blog post on Eat The Damn Cake last week, where Kate describes the nightmarish experience of discovering she has a massive hole in the crotch of her yoga pants, triggering a fear that she’ll flash her “vagina” at the whole class during downward facing dog. (I’m assuming she was actually wearing panties, but […]


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