My Phoenix Is a FAThlete

Workin' out?  More like WORKIN' IT.

I disappeared from during the early fall of last year, when life was blowing up in my face. I lost my awesome job and my great house within about two months of each other, and then moved out of another home about two months later. My attempts at dating were so horrible and humiliating […]

Fat and Fit: the Thrill of the Race


I suppose this tale begins with my wonderful public health cohort-mate Adam: Adam was the person who got me eating Paleo, even though we both sometimes suck at sticking to it. When I came to Bloomington and had regular access to a gym, one of my goals was to improve my cardio since I’d spent […]

The Joys of Fathleticism, Part One: Why We Don’t Work Out

Think outside of the gym!

First off, I want to preface this article by saying I am neither a doctor nor a fitness expert. I will not be writing about how to exercise for weight loss, nor will I tell you how  you “should” be exercising, as there are plenty of articles on that topic already (not to mention that […]


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