Photographer Q&A: Mateo of Foto By Mateo

Gaudy God

I met Mateo in Chicago, at a kickball game, of all places. I was instantly captivated by his dream-like photography and wanted to share it with Ms. Behaved readers. -Bianca James Name: Mateo Age: 25 Location: Born Pittsburgh, last 5 years, Chicago. I spent 6 months in Hawaii after college in 2009 as well. What do you do, […]

Kinky Fashion Report: IML Weekend Chicago, 2012 (NSFW)


Hello Darlings, Hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend! Memorial Day weekend is a very special thing in Chicago, because we host the INTERNATIONAL MR. LEATHER pageant (aka IML), which is SRS BIZNIS!!! What is International Mr. Leather, you ask? It’s an annual competition where (mostly) gay leathermen compete for the title of […]

Evolution of the Female Gaze: Live Nude Dudes


Read the first installment of Evolution of the Female Gaze here.  I’ll freely admit it- I had a thing for strip clubs in my twenties. The kind that cater to straight men, feature a pole,  sequinned pasties, and overpriced drinks . I even went to Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood with Michelle Tea when I was 21 […]

The Evolution of the Female Gaze: an Introduction

Sean, by Jen Davis

Note: This first post focuses on the concept of the “female gaze” as it primarily applies to cisgendered, heterosexual women and men. Future posts will delve into the female gaze in queer and non-gender-conforming contexts. I am aware that the concept of the female gaze is problematic for some folks, but please be respectful and […]

Q & A with Yijun Liao

Start your day with a good breakfast together. Photography by Yijun Liao.

Yijun  Liao (Pixy) is a conceptual photographer and artist residing in Brooklyn.  Much of her work is autobiographical and comments on traditional relationship roles with insight and humor. A friend introduced me to Pixy’s work about a year ago, sending me the genius photograph above. So, when I came across her again on Kick-Starter and […]


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