5 Ways to Enjoy a Baggage Free Valentines Day


This piece is from 2013 but I think some of you may enjoy it in 2014! People get so bent out of shape about Valentine’s Day. I think the problem is we get so hung up on the idea that it’s about having a romantic love interest and corporate bullshit that we totally miss the […]

Networking for Weirdos

Black Tape for a Blue Girl lyricist and novelist Sam Rosenthal (one of my teen idols) contacting me about reviewing his novel Rye for Ms. Behaved. Not only did I feature him on the blog, I set up a reading for him in Bloomington and got to discover an awesome book and meet one of my favorite musicians in the process. Networking at work!

Professional networking is one of those things that sounds really awful if you’re at all introverted, socially awkward, or hate wearing suits. But today I am here to say that networking is for everyone, you just have to change the way you look at it. Real talk: Knowing people is how you get jobs. Knowing […]

Ms. Behaved Book Excerpt: Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities


Ms. Behaved is proud to feature this excerpt from Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams’ new book “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” (Greenery Press, 2012). BDSM has become a hot button topic in the mainstream following the popularity of the 50 Shades of […]

Going gluten-free: the straight dope from a nutritionist


Gluten-free hype is all over the news. Olympic athletes are quitting gluten to improve their performance. Every day another celebrity is publishing a new book about how quitting gluten changed their life. It’s like there’s a conspiracy against wheat. A lot of people ask me, “What going on?” Here are the top five questions I […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, Almost every day after school my friends and I go to Chick-fil-a to hang out, get something to eat and do homework before going home. Lately, because of all the controversy surrounding that company I would rather not go. I have a cousin that I’m really close to who is gay and […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, I have roommates, but since my boyfriend lives alone it’s more convenient for us both to spend our time at his place.  A few days ago we were watching television, and he asked me to move in with him.  Sort of. I have been hoping that our relationship would progress to cohabitation […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, I recently graduated high school and my parents want me to go to college.  College isn’t for everyone, and I’m not interested in attending. I’m young and haven’t decided what I want to do with my life, so I’d like to take a couple of years to see the world. However, my parents […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, I’ve been dating my boyfriend “Mike” for almost a year now and things are going very well. We’re a year apart- I’m 21 and he’s 22.   This is so embarrassing!  Here goes…  Lately,  he’s brought up wanting to try anal sex several times. I’m not against it (not totally for it either), […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You

Dear Ms. Behaved, I have been dating the same man for a year and recently we got engaged. I am thrilled! He makes me happy, and I can see us building a life together. He has a great career, wants a family, is loyal and treats me like gold. The trouble is my mother. She […]

Preview: Excerpt from Susie and Aretha Bright’s “Mother/Daughter Sex Advice” Excerpt (NSFW)


Dearest readers: tomorrow we are proud to present an interview with legendary sexpert Susie Bright and her 21 year old daughter Aretha Bright, authors of  “Mother/Daughter Sex Advice,” a collection of sex advice columns they wrote for Jezebel with an intergenerational perspective that is both hilarious and insightful. Topics covered range from “I’m 27 Years […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, My friends tell me that I should get out more and start dating. I’m 40 years old and I divorced my husband three years ago. (We remain friends and just became roommates.) We have no children. Quite frankly, I don’t want to date. Dating means I’ll have to eventually have sex and […]

Ms. Behaved Style Icon: Amanda Lee

Amanda denim

Name: Amanda Lee Age: 32 Location: Chicago What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? My day job is doing graphic design and administrative items at a PR firm. I’m an artist, working mostly in digital collage and I run the queer plus size fashion blog In The […]

Battle of the Beastie Yeasties Part 2: Getting Hardcore about Candida!


This article is a response to Sarah’s recent article “Battle of the Beastie Yeasties,” in which she requests how others manage vaginal yeast overgrowth. I’m a certified nutrition consultant, and I specialize in yeast and bacterial overgrowth. I got into this profession in response to my own battle with the nasty buggers and I’ve experimented with nearly […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, My question is not really a question. My friends and I have been having this ongoing debate about the ethics of flirting and decided that we would let you be the tie-breaker. We are mostly between the ages of 30 and 35. Some married and some single. I’m a 34 year old […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, I realize that you’re a “feminist she-woman man hater,” and it is understandable after I read your memoir. I’d just like to ask “what’s wrong with wanting a prince charming?” My friends and I belong to a book club and recently read 50 Shades of Grey  Some of my friends and I […]

Work It! Kelly Shibari: BBW Porn Star and Marketing Consultant


Name: Kelly Shibari Age: 40 in September. I’m owning it now before it hits me. Location: Born in Japan, currently in LA & Vegas What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? What projects are you working on currently? I’m a voluptuous, naturally busty Asian porn performer/director/producer who […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved I have been divorced for three years. My oldest son prefers to stay in my home while my other two children stay mostly with their mother. My ex says the only reason my son enjoys my house more is because I let him play video games “all night long” This is not […]

Kick Ashy Knees To The Curb

Meet your ashy knee savior, coconut oil.  Source.

You may not know this, but ashy knees are SRS BSNS!  They are annoying as hell and will ruin all your summer photographs, not to mention your beach swagger.  It’s only been properly warm here in the UK for about a week, so mine are currently in their preamble state. No one else will really notice, […]

Work It! Kristine Hengl: “Grand Poobah” of Chicago’s Late Bar

Photo by Allison King

Work It! is a weekly interview series featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. Name: Kristine Hengl Age: 40 Location: Born, raised, and still living in Chicago. What do you do, in your own words, and how […]

Dear Ms. Behaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, My best friend, who I love dearly, is getting married.  I am really happy for her, but since she started planning for the wedding, dealing with her has been a  nightmare. If I hear “This is about my BIG DAY “one more time I’m going to scream! I am her Maid of […]


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