Fitness Party: Twerk 2 5K!


If you’re a Ms. Behaved regular, you’re well aware that editors Bianca and Rashaun are both hardcore fathletes- thick hotties who like to get physical for the joy of it, and bust stereotypes about fat people and fitness. Both Rashaun and I are runners (although I run really fucking slow, I’m out there almost everyday […]

Still Feminist, Size Positive, and “Actually” Fat

in jesus name, lettuce spray.

This is a comment I received on Facebook regarding my most recent blog post here at  I wasn’t surprised to receive a comment like this, just disheartened, because I thought I’d made it clear in my article that my ideals were intact even though I did something that is, from the outside looking in, […]

My Phoenix Is a FAThlete

Workin' out?  More like WORKIN' IT.

I disappeared from during the early fall of last year, when life was blowing up in my face. I lost my awesome job and my great house within about two months of each other, and then moved out of another home about two months later. My attempts at dating were so horrible and humiliating […]

Work It! Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Golda Poretsky

Golda Poretsky Body Love Wellness

Work It! is an interview series on MsBehaved featuring fascinating folks who work outside the traditional 9-5, to amuse, inspire, and light a fire under your butt to start pursuing the career of your dreams. As a fat Public Health student, I am proud to feature intuitive eating and body image coach Golda Poretsky, HHC […]

Fat and Fit: the Thrill of the Race


I suppose this tale begins with my wonderful public health cohort-mate Adam: Adam was the person who got me eating Paleo, even though we both sometimes suck at sticking to it. When I came to Bloomington and had regular access to a gym, one of my goals was to improve my cardio since I’d spent […]

Running for Fun and Fitness with Melissa Genova!


The most recent race that I ran was the 1st Annual Women’s Half Marathon and 5k. I ran the 5k portion, but I am preparing for my first half marathon this fall. This race in particular had me thinking about how I got into running and most importantly, why I have kept running.  It was […]

Health at Every Size: Reclaiming Fitness by Caitlin


This post originally appeared at Caitlin’s awesome blog “Fit and Feminist.” I will be running Part Two of the Joys of Fathleticism tomorrow, in which I’ll be giving you a number of reasons to work out that aren’t focused on losing weight. But I thought this essay was a lovely meditation on this sentiment as […]

The Joys of Fathleticism, Part One: Why We Don’t Work Out

Think outside of the gym!

First off, I want to preface this article by saying I am neither a doctor nor a fitness expert. I will not be writing about how to exercise for weight loss, nor will I tell you how  you “should” be exercising, as there are plenty of articles on that topic already (not to mention that […]

Health at Every Size and the Important Difference Between Thin and Healthy

Shame is not an effective public health strategy.

I started out intending to write an article about Fathleticism (a term I coined to  describe my love of exercise as a fat person), but I got side tracked by writing about Health At Every Size, and the importance of healthy lifestyle for all people . So think of this as an introductory piece for the […]

Ms. Behaved Style Icon: A.J. Durand AKA Trandroid


 Name: A.J. Durand or Trandroid Age: 30 Location: Logan Square, Chicago What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? Well, I’ve been a full-time yoga instructor for 3 years, I’m developing my website and working on building Queer yoga workshops and classes into my schedule. I’m a […]

My Favorite Lie: The Diet Starts Monday


Every weekend I tell myself the same old tired lie, “The diet starts Monday.” And with all that healthy eating just around the bend, why not indulge? I just need a couple more days with high-calorie, high-fat food. You know, for closure. The diet does indeed start every Monday and is out the window by […]

The Booty-Mind Connection: How to Get the Body You Want with Yoga by Shoshanna Cohen


Yes, yoga will help you get the body you want. It’s fun and it’s fast! Here’s how. First, find a class you like. DVDs and gym yoga classes are good, but if you can afford it, treat yourself to classes at a nice yoga studio that burns incense and plays music and stuff. When you […]

Bruises, Brass Poles, and High Heels: How Pole Dancing Taught Me to Love Myself


It all began about a year and 3 months ago; I was on the verge of leaving mypartner of three years, hated my job, and was in fairly unstable roommate situation.  You know, normal things for a late 20-something living in Chicago.  I felt the most un-sexy I can remember, and needed desperately to get […]


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