I Shaved My Legs For The First Time in A Decade

After: Radical Femme Flava

Read the title up there.  Now, let me clarify something.  I’m only guessing that it’s been a decade since I last shaved.  I’m 31 now, and I know I stopped shaving before I turned 21.  Either way, it had been so long that I actually didn’t quite remember what to do – do I need […]

DIY Herbal Rinse for Naturally Shiny, Tangle-free Hair

Ilah hair

Last week, Cecelia Strick9 taught us how to get fab beachy hair with coconut oil and sea salt. This week nutrition expert Ilah Jarvis has a recipe for a natural herbal rinse to make straight or wavy hair shiny and smooth!  Nothing gives a cheap hippie like me more satisfaction than discovering that an old […]

Love Letter from the Fatshion Trenches: Summertime Rolls


Hello my sun worshippers and heliophobes, Is it officially summer yet? (Fuck it, it’s June at any rate!) Let’s talk SUMMER FATSHION today! VAMPY SUNDRESSES First off, fuck pastels. Wear a little black dress as a goth sundress, some high heeled sandals, sunglasses and blingy jewelry and pretend you are a mafia princess (that was […]

Sexy Beach Hair- Anytime You Want!

Beach Wave!

If you’re anything like me, seeing lovely ladies in bathing suits makes you want to take a trip to the beach, get sand in your ass-crack, and have a few margaritas. A long day at the beach normally leaves me feeling refreshed, sun-drenched, and wavy-haired. That wavy hair, aside from the freckles that appear all […]

How to Be a Hot Bald Chick by Amazon Erotica Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers


Let’s say you have no hair. Maybe it’s because you’re experiencing the side effects of chemo, maybe it’s some other medical reason, maybe you have alopecia like Michele in my erotic romance novella BEDHEAD. Or maybe you just got a little over-zealous with the clippers (we call that HUI, or haircutting under the influence). Either […]


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