Knockin’ Boots and Knitting Booties: Brighid’s Birth Story!


Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during (and after) pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor Brighid. Last time, Brighid received a vibrator- at a baby shower? This week, Brighid shares the story of giving birth to her son, at long last! Read on! Knockin’ Boots and Knittin’ Booties is back! It’s been a while, but […]

The Mom Abides

I haz a mad

I am not the most laid back person you could ever meet.  In fact, I’m more like a tightly wound rage monkey, and although it is not something I like to shout from rooftops, it is something I will freely admit.  I could chalk it up to lack of sleep and a million other things and pretend […]

From the Front Lines of the Mummy Wars


I’ve been neglecting writing lately, much like I’ve been neglecting most things that do not cry and pull my hair when I am ignoring them.  It seems like just yesterday I was writing about pregnancy’s pains and humiliations, but actually it was 9 months ago.  During those 9 months, I have spent quite a lot […]

Four Years Without My Dad: Tears, Ghosts, Jellybeans, and a Ginger Cookie Recipe by Elizabeth Nelson


The day after I turned thirty-three, I was standing at the kitchen counter chopping onions for a spinach quiche and listening to the Weepies album I got for my birthday when the phone rang. The song Antarctica was playing and I was crying from the onions but also because I was remembering the trip to […]

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: On “Baby Soothers”

Baby soother

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor Brighid. Last time, Brighid managed to troubleshoot some of pregnancy sex woes with help from her doctor. This week Brighid discovers that vibrators are fun for the whole family. Read on! In the midst of trying to troubleshoot my vag I did […]

Dear MsBehaved: Jonna Ivin Answers It For You


Dear Ms. Behaved, Almost every day after school my friends and I go to Chick-fil-a to hang out, get something to eat and do homework before going home. Lately, because of all the controversy surrounding that company I would rather not go. I have a cousin that I’m really close to who is gay and […]

Can I Get A Friend, Please?


Did you miss me? Have you noticed my absence at all? No?  Ah, well, okay.  I’ve missed you, or at least the idea of you, imaginary reader. Writing for Ms. Behaved was (is) my grown-up, just for me thing, and I have not had a lot (any) of that, lately. This summer has been about […]

Here Comes The Bun (duh-nuh-nuh-nuh)


There comes a point in pregnancy where you are completely sure that every twinge and ache is it, and if it isn’t, it damn well should be, because get the hell out and give me my body back, already! Having been down this road (twice) before, I like to think I’ve got a handle on things […]

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: When Sperm Met Egg


Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a no-holds-barred series about sex during pregnancy from MsBehaved contributor Brighid. Read previous installments here. Trigger warning: This piece deals with miscarriage.  My partner and I were incredibly lucky in our attempts to get pregnant. Charting really helped us pinpoint the key times for baby making sex and we […]

Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties: TTC Sex 101 (What you didn’t learn in biology class)


Knocking Boots and Knitting Booties is a bi-weekly Friday series from MsBehaved contributor Brighid about the joys of sex before, during, and after pregnancy!  When we first started trying to conceive (“TTC”) I was excited and a bit nervous. On the one hand, it meant lots of sex with no excuses. On the other hand, […]

Confessions of an (Almost) Attachment Parent


I’m going to start this off by saying the only book by Dr. William Sears that I’ve ever read was The Baby Book.  I’ve never really thought about Attachment Parenting before, or any other “type” of parenting, for that matter. I’m just not all that big on labels, or boxes… or anything that smacks of effort […]

My Mom was a Psychic Sex Detective!


I am very blessed to have a loving and supportive relationship with my mother. I can talk to her about anything, and she’s let me cry on her (phone) shoulder more times than I can count. There is one thing I don’t love so much though, and that is her psychic mommy abilities. My mom […]

Teri Fahrendorf and The Pink Boots Society Present Bring Mom Out for a Beer

Photo sourced from the BMOFAB Facebook Page

A journalist once asked  Teri Fahrendorf  what kind of beer she would be.  “I told her I’d be Belgian saison.  I’m not bitter or dark, I’m a little funky and summer is my favorite season,” she laughed. Teri is a long-time brewmaster, beer advocate, and president of the Pink Boot Society (PBS), an organization supporting […]

Day of the Dawn of the Mommy-Zombies

She wants to ruin your life. (Yes, that’s me.)

Despite what seems to be the overwhelming consensus on the Internet, I do not expect the arrival of my new baby to implode my marriage.  “How do you intend to salvage your wreck ofa relationship once you are the proud owner of yet another mewling spawn,” you ask?  I don’t.  There is going to be […]

So You Think You Want To Reproduce


There comes a time in some women’s lives when that old biological clock starts ticking. I totally get it. Babies are freaking cute, and the process of getting yourself knocked up is fun, assuming you’re doing it correctly. Pregnancy isn’t all foot rubs and ice cream and pickle sundaes, though. As a Certified Breedertm, I […]

Pregnancy Alternatives. It’s Your Right to Choose.


Why commit  40 weeks to gestating and years of poopy pants on the off chance your baby will be a miniature Brit pop (or at least YouTube) sensation ?  I can  admit that the singing toddler Eve posted is technically adorable, but I prefer a different brand of entertainment.  Three words:  Child clown rental.  Watch the […]


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