Q & A With Visual Artist Clara Lieu


Clara Lieu is a visual artist at professor at Rhode Island School of Design.  Her work explores themes of social isolation and mental illness through drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.   Clara kindly agreed to indulge me, answering all my questions about her background, work, methods, projects, and what makes her tick.  Read the full interview below: Tell me […]

Beyond Harry & David: Birthday Gift Subscriptions for 9% of the [US] Population


There are more American birthdays in August than in any other month, and shopping for some of these birthday boys and girls is a total pain.  Monthly subscription services to the rescue! I am not talking about your meemaw’s  fruit-of-the-month club, there are some fantastic finds.  This list is by no means an all-inclusive, but […]

Webisode to Watch: Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill


Last night I was listening to  the latest episode of  Eat My Podcast, hosted by comedian Melinda Hill and best-selling author Jillian Lauren.  (Read our Q & A with them here!)  Melinda has a new web series out based on dating stories from her stand-up, Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill.  They are beautifully shot and […]

Kick the Can Ice Cream: 4th of July Fun EXPOSED!


Remember when Indiana Rep. Bob Morris wrote that crazypants open letter to his fellow law makers claiming that the Girl Scouts of America is radical organization that sexualizes young girls and promotes homosexuality?  (If you haven’t, I suggest you do.  That piece of work in its entirety, here.)  I am disappointed that he completely neglected […]

Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden: Loss, Love, Middle Age & Marijuana


Laurel Dewey is best known her gritty crime thriller series featuring Denver homicide detective Jane Perry (Protector, Redemption,and Revelations).  Her latest book, Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden, is a romantic, humorous novel about a conservative widow’s radical awakening… and medicinal marijuana. Dewey, who has also written two non-fiction books about plant-based medicine, was inspired to tackle the controversial topic […]

PBS’ Idea Channel Asks, “Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?”


Speaking of being out of the loop, I didn’t know a thing about the “Brony” phenom until I happened upon the video below.  And just what the hell IS a Brony?  Urban Dictionary defines Bronies as:  Teenage to young-adult, mostly male, fans of the animated cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” The term is often […]

Q & A With Melinda Hill & Jillian Lauren of Eat My Podcast


From the Eat My Podcast Website: Eat My Podcast is a scream of a podcast hosted by comedian Melinda Hill and bestselling author Jillian Lauren. Known for dishing about unusual personal experiences with truly original voices, these two brainy babes explore what their superstar guests wanted to be when they grew up and how that’s […]

Sweet Ritual: A Beacon of Frozen Vegan Delights in the Land of Barbecue

Photo by Jon Bolden

My grandparents were life-long Austin residents, and my father was raised here as well.  I grew up a couple of hours away, but we visited Austin regularly.  I’d sit in the backseat, rolling my eyes as my grandfather pointed out the baseball field that was once a dairy farm, sighing deeply when my dad drove […]

Q & A With Artist Aili Schmeltz


Meet Los Angeles-based installation artist, sculptress and co-founder of Los Angeles Art Resource, Aili Schmeltz.  The aim of Aili’s organization is to empower local artists by providing a forum to exchange and share resources to help each other succeed.  Check it out and spread the word! Aili kindly agreed to answer all my questions about […]

Battle of The Beastie Yeasties: I Fought Candida and Won

When you're here your family.  Everyone loves the Olive Garden.  
Photo source.

I have only had to deal with the nastiness of a yeast infection once due to a heavy duty course of antibiotics.  There are lots of other causes, though—synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe well (I’m looking at you, pantyhose), dyes and perfumes in detergents and bath products, irritations caused by condoms and lubricates, too much […]

Q & A With Artist Helena Wurzel

Second Silence

Meet narrative figure painter and Rhode Island School of Design teacher Helena Wurzel. Helena utilizes color, shape and the emotional responses evoked by these elements to tell a story with each piece. Tell me about your background. How did you come to be an artist? I have always been an artist. There is a home […]

Ancient Aliens is My Gateway Drug

It’s hard not to poke fun at Ancient Alien’s camp factor.  Check out ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos' hair.  More gel for added credibility.

On the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, “ancient astronaut theorists” reexamine the work of archaeologists, historians, and folklorists to discover evidence of long-standing extraterrestrial interaction with humans. According to these theorists, the Nazca Lines in Peru served as aerial markers and runways for spacecraft.  Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, the Moai of Easter Island, and Bolvia’s Puma Punku – […]

Q & A With Artist Carrie Marill

Red Billed Ox Pecker

Meet Phoenix-based artist Carrie Marill.  I came across her work during one of many online art browsing sessions on 20 x 200.  If you aren’t familiar with 20 x 200, get clicking.  They make art collecting accessible and affordable and in turn supports artists making a living by creating. Tell me about background. How did […]

My Favorite Lie: The Diet Starts Monday


Every weekend I tell myself the same old tired lie, “The diet starts Monday.” And with all that healthy eating just around the bend, why not indulge? I just need a couple more days with high-calorie, high-fat food. You know, for closure. The diet does indeed start every Monday and is out the window by […]

The Litmus Test

Nanny when she was my age, holding my mother.

The typical grandmotherly descriptors do not apply to mine. Nanny wasn’t especially warm or tender-hearted; she was determined, hard-working, and unapologetic. She drank bourbon, smoked, and cursed like a sailor. To my delight, she had no qualms about telling my dad (her son-in-law) to eat his vegetables or comment that the pizza server would “make […]

Manicure Upgrade: 5 Fun Nail Polish Adhesives

Comic Book Nail Art Decals - Set of 24 in Five Designs from Etsy Seller Inspired Nails ($9.75)

According to CNN, nail art is the new lipstick. There are DIY tutorials and blogs on the subject out the nose:  nailside, wahnails, uneedamanicure, nail-nerd,  holymanicures and on and on. It’s a fun trend, but one I don’t actively participate in. When I attempt to paint my own nails, I lose patience quickly.  My hands […]

Q & A with Artist Jennifer Sanchez


I recently moved from a small apartment to a home with double the square footage to decorate.   Figuring  out how to blend my personal preferences with the style of house and personality of each room requires A LOT of Internet-based window shopping.  I came across Jennifer Sanchez’s work on 20 x 200,  and I was immediately […]

Teri Fahrendorf and The Pink Boots Society Present Bring Mom Out for a Beer

Photo sourced from the BMOFAB Facebook Page

A journalist once asked  Teri Fahrendorf  what kind of beer she would be.  “I told her I’d be Belgian saison.  I’m not bitter or dark, I’m a little funky and summer is my favorite season,” she laughed. Teri is a long-time brewmaster, beer advocate, and president of the Pink Boot Society (PBS), an organization supporting […]

Q & A with Yijun Liao

Start your day with a good breakfast together. Photography by Yijun Liao.

Yijun  Liao (Pixy) is a conceptual photographer and artist residing in Brooklyn.  Much of her work is autobiographical and comments on traditional relationship roles with insight and humor. A friend introduced me to Pixy’s work about a year ago, sending me the genius photograph above. So, when I came across her again on Kick-Starter and […]

May’s Female-Directed Movie Round Up


Twenty-three films are in competition for this year’s Palme D’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival; not a single one is directed by a woman. Nearly 1,800 films were submitted for consideration, and I would assume that SOME of them were female-directed.  Still, none were deemed worthy. Some explanations being offered are pretty anemic, such […]


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