Fembot Flair: Rashaun Reviews Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch Vibrator


Awesome vibrator company Jimmyjane recently sent me a few things for our bloggers to test, and I immediately knew the Hello Touch would be my co-editor Rashaun’s jam when it came in the mail. “Do you want to test this robot pussy toy?” I asked her, for lack of a more elegant descriptor. Rashaun’s answer […]

Sex Talk: Women, Sex & Scissoring With C. Fox


Our new blogger C. Fox of PrettyBoiFox says that scissoring is NOT a lesbian myth.

Food stamps, credit cards, and public vs. private poverty


I just got food stamps for the first time in my life. I struggled with the decision as a white grad student in my thirties: I’m supposed to be a sort of respectable middle class poor, not food stamps poor. I’m supposed to boot strap my way through grad school, eat ramen, get an extra […]

Hickory Ham Maik on Michelle Obama’s Weird Water-Related Public Health Campaign


I’ve spent the last 15 minutes being rather baffled by the website for Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America campaign to get people to drink more water (file under: procrastination). You can find it here. You might have expected the website to provide you with some tips on how to remember to drink water throughout […]

In Praise of Leggings as Pants


My body has a weird thing where it cycles up and down about 20-30 pounds every few years. Before you start with the OMG YOYO DIETING IS SO UNHEALTHY, let me reassure you that I don’t diet, and can only attribute these fluctuates to random stuff like geographical location (no, really), relationship status (really, really), […]

Femmytomboy by Jera Brown

Janelle Monae- classic example of Tomboy Femme style. Portrait by aogwhatisthishith.

I’ve always been a little femme and a little tomboy – a princess and a jedi, comfortable with mascara and power tools. Both terms, femme and tomboy, have visual components: they’re tied to certain fashion choices, as well as mannerisms, even one’s presence. But to me, they’re also tied to how I relate to men […]

The Problem With How The New York Times Treats Bipolar Disorder


(The author of this post is choosing to remain anonymous for privacy reasons). Last week, the NYT ran an article entitled “The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder.” As a person diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I was eager to read it. While I am out to my friends and loved ones about my condition […]

Cheers from new Associate Editor Shannon Humphreys!


You guys have no idea how excited I am about this relaunch!  I have been really super preoccupied with a new baby (you’ll be able to read all about that soon enough), and by my slow paced morph into some kind of uber hippie, touchy-feely type (again, I will share it all!), but in the […]

Author Interview: Janet Hardy on being a Girlfag


Name: Janet W. Hardy Age: 57 Location: Eugene, OR Who are you, and what do you do, in your own words? I’m a publishing generalist, I guess. I’ve run a couple of small publishing companies and done all the kinds of work that entails – writing, editing, design, production, marketing, bookkeeping, you name it. These days, […]

Is Marriage Prom for Grown-ups? by Anonymous


I swear to god all my friends are getting married this year. Well, not all of them. A bunch of them got married last year. But there’s something nerve-wracking about the girls I used to bitch about being single with getting hitched while I’m….still single. I think it’s awesome that they met people they considered […]

Author Q&A: Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams on “Playing Well with Others”

12-0305 Playing Well With Others

On monday, Ms. Behaved featured an excerpt from Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams’ new book on exploring BDSM, “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” (Greenery Press, 2012). Go read it if you haven’t yet! Today we are featuring an interview with the authors, a […]

Four Years Without My Dad: Tears, Ghosts, Jellybeans, and a Ginger Cookie Recipe by Elizabeth Nelson


The day after I turned thirty-three, I was standing at the kitchen counter chopping onions for a spinach quiche and listening to the Weepies album I got for my birthday when the phone rang. The song Antarctica was playing and I was crying from the onions but also because I was remembering the trip to […]

The Armchair Astrologer Interview Series: Scorpio Edition (Double Trouble) by Elizabeth Nelson


I’ve always been big on believing. In second grade my teacher passed out little plastic American flags to the whole class. I shoved mine into one of the posts at the foot of my bed so I could gaze at it every night, thinking patriotic thoughts as I fell asleep. Mrs. Gross told us that […]

Photographer Q&A: Mateo of Foto By Mateo

Gaudy God

I met Mateo in Chicago, at a kickball game, of all places. I was instantly captivated by his dream-like photography and wanted to share it with Ms. Behaved readers. -Bianca James Name: Mateo Age: 25 Location: Born Pittsburgh, last 5 years, Chicago. I spent 6 months in Hawaii after college in 2009 as well. What do you do, […]

Running for Fun and Fitness with Melissa Genova!


The most recent race that I ran was the 1st Annual Women’s Half Marathon and 5k. I ran the 5k portion, but I am preparing for my first half marathon this fall. This race in particular had me thinking about how I got into running and most importantly, why I have kept running.  It was […]

Mother/Daughter Sex Advice: Interview with Susie and Aretha Bright


Legendary sexpert Susie Bright and her 22 year old daughter Aretha Bright recently published “Mother/Daughter Sex Advice,” a collection of sex advice columns they wrote for Jezebel with an intergenerational perspective that is both hilarious and insightful.  I had the chance to catch up with them about the book, and what’s its like to have […]

Ms. Behaved Style Icon: Melissa Genova


Name: Melissa Genova, aka “Sweet Melissa” Age: 30 Location: Logan Square, Chicago What do you do, in your own words, and how long have you been doing it? Jill of all trades. Sexy Secretary. Grad Student. Cocktail Waitress. Musician. Performer. Writer!   What is your personal fashion philosophy? The easiest thing to change is hair. […]

Preview: Excerpt from The S&M Feminist: Best Of Clarisse Thorn


This piece was originally published at Off Our Chests by Clarisse Thorn. Clarisse is a feminist sex educator who has lectured at museums and universities across the USA. She just released a brand-new collection, The S&M Feminist: Best Of Clarisse Thorn, and this piece is reprinted in that collection. Ms. Behaved will be running a full-length Work It! interview […]

Health at Every Size: Reclaiming Fitness by Caitlin


This post originally appeared at Caitlin’s awesome blog “Fit and Feminist.” I will be running Part Two of the Joys of Fathleticism tomorrow, in which I’ll be giving you a number of reasons to work out that aren’t focused on losing weight. But I thought this essay was a lovely meditation on this sentiment as […]

No One Can Tell Us We’re Wrong: The Perfection of Pat Benatar Summed Up in in 5 Minutes and 18 Seconds by Allan Mott


A group of women; exploited and abused. Forced to monetize their sexuality in order to survive the unforgiving realities of harsh urban life. Among them stands a tiny brunette runaway. Her time in the hall has aged her—she seems like she’s 30, not a teenager forced out into the real world by her intractable father (for reasons […]


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