The Power of Flowers

One bouquet was thoughtfully arranged in the living room, and the other was in my bedroom.

I recently treated myself to an all-girl, five-day Greek holiday, from Mykonos to Santorini.  Words that describe the experience:  Beautiful! Amazing! Inspiring! Delicious! Mind-blowing!  There’s a very real danger that I’ll sound like a broken record, encouraging every woman I know to make a similar trip a priority. But I need to get back on […]

Out of the Loop

Picture 1

I recently, finally, watched episodes 1-7 of the HBO show Girls. Yes, that one show that everyone was talking about weeks ago. I’m not going to share my opinions about the show with you; you’ve heard enough, I’m sure. Instead, I will share with you how it felt to have heard and read everyone else’s […]

Taking a Compliment


As much as I absolutely love and appreciate when my boyfriend pays me a compliment, I have to admit there is no better compliment than one that comes from a completely random woman. A woman you have no connection to, one who is not a friend of a friend of a friend, just a woman […]

The Waiter of My Dreams


I have found there is a love/hate relationship with waiters. I tend to always fall on the love side unless the waiter is a real pain in the pudding, if you know what I mean. In Australia, as in most of Europe, tipping is not a big thing. You can do it, it’s not illegal […]

Dropping the Ball


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Footy, but if you have then you understand why Australians are known to be tough, crazy, and dangerous.  Footy is actually “Australian Rules Football”, or AFL for short. It’s American football, rugby and soccer mixed into one sport where no padding is worn, fights are allowed and […]

Enough is Enough


You know that person who orders and/or makes a big plate of food, eats it very slowly and stops eating when they think they are full (even if they are not even half way through their meal)?  I do, and that person is not me. That person is the complete opposite of me. But she […]

Home Away from Home… In My Belly


By the time most people have graduated college they are living away from their parents. Some people have gone away for long extended semi holidays (this would involve maybe getting a 12 month work and holiday visa for the country of your choice)… as I’m doing at the moment.  If you haven’t, you’re a sucker. […]

Losing It In the Market


The idea of getting fresh produce from a farmers market or local out door market has always intrigued me. I always thought I could some day recreate a page from a magazine where the girl looks cute as a bow tie for no reason. You know the one… her hair is down, silky and flowing. […]

I Blame the Professionals


Sometimes you just have to face the facts of life. I come from a long line of confident, fantastic, self-taught cooks. If I had the choice I would hire my mom as my in-house chef. My grandmother refused to eat out more than once a week. My great grandmother used make everything from scratch, she’d […]


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