Hey Bitches, I’m The Voice Of My Generation!

So like, Lena Dunham is super cool and super hot right now but yeah, me. What about me? I totally can create my own show to be picked up by a major network and become super famous and make money.  It’s meta. And my show will be called GIRLZ, because see, it’s sorta like “Girls” […]

Since When Did It Become Bad To Be Good?

Princess Diana Visiting Orphanage in Brazil

According to the lady blogs on the Internets, everyone is drunk and on drugs and not doing laundry and sleeping with random strangers and not recycling. They are ex-anorexics, ex-sex workers, current narcotics anonymous members, and recovering shoplifters. They are amazingly “brave” and “badass” and “cool” for writing about how brave and badass and cool […]


Holy hell, thanks to Jezebel and Huffpo and the 68 gazillion people who have posted this on my Facebook page I am now going to get pregnant. Right now.  

Let’s Talk About All The Shit I’m Not Going To Make On Pinterest

Scallions. In dirt.

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee, thee time suck of all time sucks that serves as a not-so-gentle reminder of how I basically don’t know how to do anything. OK, so I do know how to do some things, I know my way around an icing bag and I know how to hang a picture […]


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